OCCWV Floor Care Specialty Services: Experts at Work

Office & Commercial Cleaning of West Virginia knows that it takes more than just cleaning products and equipment to provide comprehensive cleaning, protection and maintenance programs for your floors—it takes know-how, experience and people who appreciate the value of the investment that you’ve made in your workplace. Whatever type of flooring your workplace has, we have experience in cleaning it—and experienced professionals to do it.


Our step-by-step process for floor care:

  1. inspect and evaluate current situation – we check out everything about the current condition of your floors and work with you to take care of point # 2.
  2. design a custom-care plan – not all floors are created to be treated equally. Our specially trained professionals will offer the best solution to clean and protect your floors, whether they’re hard surface or carpeted.
  3. implement the plan – some high-traffic carpeted areas will need deep-cleaning scrubbing / shampooing; other carpeted areas may require only professional-grade vacuuming to look their best. Hard surface flooring may need to be stripped, deep-scrubbed, re-coated / waxed and buffed to bring back bright shine.
  4. maintain the custom-care plan – keeping your floors in immaculate condition is one of the hallmarks of OCCWV. We know that the first impression a floor makes is a lasting one—and one that tells the world what kind of company you run. You can count on our expertly trained, closely supervised floor-care technicians to do the job right.

Some of the most commonly requested hard surface floor care programs include:

  • clean, strip & wax
  • buffing / polishing
  • scrub & recoat
  • sealing

Carpeted areas may call for:

  • scrubbing / shampooing / deodorizing
  • deep-clean vacuuming