What Does OCCWV Stand For?

Is it Obsessive-Compulsive Cleaners of West Virginia?

Kind of.
Office & Commercial Cleaning of West Virginia (OCCWV) is obsessed with cleanliness, but in a good way—and to your advantage.

This LLC started as the brainchild of OCCWV’s president, Matt Coleman, and his wife, Robbie, back in 1993. Together, the two of them combined their skills for business management with their love for keeping things clean to create what is now a multimillion-dollar operation with more than 100 employees servicing more than 100 facilities in West Virginia.

OCCWV has developed an expert system of screening, hiring, training, supervising, scheduling and routing specialized cleaning crews to a variety of clients with a broad range of facilities. The goal is simple: provide dependable, timely and affordable building maintenance and clean-up services on a customized schedule or per-job basis.


Rigorous Background Checks

Every OCCWV employee who enters your workplace for cleaning or janitorial servicing has undergone extensive background checks, including criminal records and drug screens. Additionally, all potential-employee’s references are thoroughly checked to ensure the safety, security and peace of mind that our clients require. And since OCCWV makes a substantial investment in each employee through in-house training and skill-development, having the right people from the get-go is a must.

Expertly Trained Cleaning Crews

OCCWV provides local training resources and company developed in-house training programs for all new employees, using regional and national schools for continuing education for cleaners and supervisors. Supervisors and cleaning staff are then cross-trained in multiple tasks, equipment and locations to ensure superior cleaning services. The company also frequently brings in national vendor representatives for in-service training at specific customer locations and routinely conducts on-site inspections and client-feedback visits.

With expertly trained crews to handle floor care, construction clean-up, day porter, nightly, special event or contract janitorial services and more, OCCWV keeps constant watch over the cleaning and polishing of all its clients’ facilities. Supervision to your cleaning program is ongoing to ensure the best possible results on a consistent basis.

As a labor-intensive business, OCCWV prides itself on being responsive to customers’ needs and striving for complete customer satisfaction. To that end, OCCWV has incorporated the Japanese system of Kaizen, a continuous improvement operational system that is measured by improved efficiency and cost-savings, both of which OCCWV shares with its clients.

And for those who request green cleaning or low-odor / low-impact cleaning processes, OCCWV is happy to comply with whatever solution is best for individuals and individual workplaces.

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