from Matt Coleman, CEO – Office & Commercial Cleaning – West Virginia

Many of OCCWV’s customers have hardwood floors in their offices, especially those occupying restored or renovated spaces. Wood floors at home are very popular, too. Here are some general guidelines to cleaning, protecting and maintaining hardwood floors.

  1. Hire a professional to take care of the office floors. We’re available. Call us at 304-768-6309.
  2. In-between OCCWV’s scheduled visits, or at home, use only a dry soft mop or a slightly damp mop to freshen the floors every week.
  3. If the floors are showing a buildup of dirt and dust, sweep first using a soft-bristle broom and test the bristles in a small area off to the side to make sure that they don’t scratch the finish. If using an electric sweeper designed to vacuum hardwood floors, be certain that it doesn’t cause scratching or gouging of the floor’s surface.
  4. Most hardwood floors are now finished with a coat of polyurethane which looks like a plastic coating over the wood and is designed to stand up to long, hard wear. But you still have to be careful not to ruin the floor’s finish when cleaning.
  5. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges or mops to clean wood floors; they can stain, cloud, scratch, mar, deteriorate or perhaps even remove the floor’s finish.
  6. Be wary of cleaning products claiming to be “safe for hardwood floors.” They may be too strong and the end result may be dull, streaked floors instead of the bright, shiny floors you were going after. If the floors require a soap-and-water cleaning, use the most natural, low-chemical solution you can find. And always follow the directions for cleaning as suggested by the manufacturer of the hardwood flooring.
  7. If the floors need polishing, check first with the manufacturer to see what is recommended and how to accomplish it. If you still have questions about the care and cleaning of hardwood floors—or would like to have a professional take care of them, call OCCWV at 304-768-6309 or email your inquiry to